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Nokia PC Suite

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Nokia PC Suite is a set of free applications designed for Nokia mobile phones that lets you edit, synchronize and back up many of your phone’s files. Nokia PC Suite is a software package for Windows-based PCs, developed especially for use with different Nokia mobile phone models. Depending on your phone model, it lets you synchronize, edit, and back up many of your phone’s files on a compatible PC through a Bluetooth wireless or direct cable connection with your computer

Key features of Nokia PC Suite:
– Back up and restore phone files
– Transfer information, pictures, and music from phone to phone or phone to PC
– Synchronize your phone and PC calendars
– Edit contacts, pictures, and phone file names
– Install Java-based applications in your phone
– Convert ringing tone formats
– Play multimedia messages and videos
– Send text messages from the PC
– Connect by using your phone as a modem

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April 22, 2009 at 6:25 pm

RBC9 – SpaceNav for 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator / SpacePilot

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Why a Driver and not a simple User-Mode application? Or using the 3DConnexion SDK? Some application or game don’t accept hooking keyboard, or use DirectX Input, so with a user-mode app, I’m not able to send information. With a driver, SpaceNavigator doesn’t “emulate” a keyboard/mouse/joystick, but IS a keyboard, IS a mouse and IS a Joystick. RBC9 – SpaceNav is an alternative driver and software allowing you to use your 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator / SpacePilot in absolutely every application, even when the official drivers and software don’t offer the needed support. RBC9 – SpaceNav gives you the power to utilize your 3Dconnexion hardware 3d mouse in everyday applications such as web browser, word processor etc. by just creating a profile for that application where you define each action of the controller and what function will it perform. With RBC9 – SpaceNav you can emulate mouse, joystick and keyboard commands so you can even control your games with your favorite 3d controller…

Download RBC9 – SpaceNav driver/software… – [ mirror ] – [ mirror 2 ] – [ mirror 3 ] – [ mirror 4 ]