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RBC9 – SpaceNav for 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator / SpacePilot

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Why a Driver and not a simple User-Mode application? Or using the 3DConnexion SDK? Some application or game don’t accept hooking keyboard, or use DirectX Input, so with a user-mode app, I’m not able to send information. With a driver, SpaceNavigator doesn’t “emulate” a keyboard/mouse/joystick, but IS a keyboard, IS a mouse and IS a Joystick. RBC9 – SpaceNav is an alternative driver and software allowing you to use your 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator / SpacePilot in absolutely every application, even when the official drivers and software don’t offer the needed support. RBC9 – SpaceNav gives you the power to utilize your 3Dconnexion hardware 3d mouse in everyday applications such as web browser, word processor etc. by just creating a profile for that application where you define each action of the controller and what function will it perform. With RBC9 – SpaceNav you can emulate mouse, joystick and keyboard commands so you can even control your games with your favorite 3d controller…

Download RBC9 – SpaceNav driver/software… – [ mirror ] – [ mirror 2 ] – [ mirror 3 ] – [ mirror 4 ]