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Glove Programmable Input Emulator (GlovePIE) 0.29

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GlovePIE stands for Glove Programmable Input Emulator. It doesn’t have to be used with VR Gloves, but it was originally started as a system for emulating Joystick and Keyboard Input using the Essential Reality P5 Glove. Now it supports emulating all kinds of input, using all kinds of devices, including Polhemus, Intersense, Ascension, WorldViz, 5DT, and eMagin products. It can also control MIDI or OSC output. You can also use GlovePIE to play Joystick-only games without a joystick, or keyboard-only games with a joystick. Or you can use it to create macro buttons for complex keystrokes. You can even use it to control multiple mouse pointers with multiple mice.

Supported hardware:
– Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote)
– NaturalPoint (Or eDimensional) TrackIR, OptiTrack, SmartNav
– FakeSpace Pinch Gloves (9600 baud by default, but can be changed)
– Concept 2 PM3 rowing machines (ergo or erg)
– All joysticks or gamepads recognised by Windows
– Parallel port gamepads (with PPJoy)
– All keyboards
– Mice with up to 5 buttons and 2 scroll wheels
– Most microphones (don’t have to be high quality)
– Most MIDI input or output devices
– Essential Reality P5 Glove
– 5DT Data Glove (all versions)
– eMagin Z800 3D Visor HMD
– Polhemus trackers (must be set to 115200 baud): IsoTrak II, FasTrak, Liberty, Patriot, Liberty Latus
– Ascension trackers: Flock of Birds, MotionStar, etc.
– Intersense trackers: InterTrax, InertiaCube, IS-300, IS-600, IS-900, IS-1200, etc.
– WorldViz PPT trackers (all versions)
– GameTrak (only as a joystick, no direct support)

Download GlovePIE version 0.29…

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April 21, 2009 at 5:44 pm

RBC9 – SpaceNav for 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator / SpacePilot

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Why a Driver and not a simple User-Mode application? Or using the 3DConnexion SDK? Some application or game don’t accept hooking keyboard, or use DirectX Input, so with a user-mode app, I’m not able to send information. With a driver, SpaceNavigator doesn’t “emulate” a keyboard/mouse/joystick, but IS a keyboard, IS a mouse and IS a Joystick. RBC9 – SpaceNav is an alternative driver and software allowing you to use your 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator / SpacePilot in absolutely every application, even when the official drivers and software don’t offer the needed support. RBC9 – SpaceNav gives you the power to utilize your 3Dconnexion hardware 3d mouse in everyday applications such as web browser, word processor etc. by just creating a profile for that application where you define each action of the controller and what function will it perform. With RBC9 – SpaceNav you can emulate mouse, joystick and keyboard commands so you can even control your games with your favorite 3d controller…

Download RBC9 – SpaceNav driver/software… – [ mirror ] – [ mirror 2 ] – [ mirror 3 ] – [ mirror 4 ]