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OCZ SPD-Z Memory Tool

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OCZ SPD-Z tool is the world’s first means for DIY users to reprogram their memory’s SPD (serial presence detect) and remedy an inefficient module and mainboard interface completely independent of BIOS tweaks. Thanks to this convenient method of reconfiguring the SPD, consumers can now enjoy ultimate compatibility, stability, and performance between their system and memory. Tweaks of hardware and firmware have become the primary tool of most computer hardware OEMs to differentiate themselves from the field of competitors, however, in some cases at the expense of compatibility. OCZ’s answer to the fragmentation of the market is the patent-pending SPD-Z technology that allows users to select custom SPDs from a library to optimize the interaction between the motherboard and memory firmware.

The tool is very easy to use and will actually look at the part number on the modules and point you to SPD’s available on the repository here on the OCZ forum specific to the modules part number. All the end user has to do is make sure the system is 100% stable and not over clocked during the reflash of the modules, once complete the end user can reboot and commence testing. SPD-Z works within windows, and is GUI based for ease of use, no command line or DOS boot is needed. You should have in mind that the OCZ SPD-Z tool is designed only for owners of OCZ memory modules and will not allow you to do anything on other memory types to prevent you from the possibility of damaging them!

Download OCZ SPD-Z Memory Tool

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May 10, 2009 at 10:29 am

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